Land Transport

In the Europe, the land transportation of explosives by truck is subject to strict regulations and safety standards. hansa-express, therefore, utilizes their own trucks, which comply with the highest European standards for transporting explosives. The transportation of explosive and radioactive materials requires extra placards for identification. Additionally, drivers are obligated to comply with various regulations related to the design and equipment of the transport, specifying the quantity, securing the load, packaging, classifying, labeling, and documenting the materials. Furthermore, drivers must hold the required certifications and undergo extensive training to transport hazardous, radioactive, and other dangerous materials in trucks or other transport vehicles. The transportation of explosive materials is closely monitored by several state authorities, the police, and other local officials depending on location in Europe. These regulations and oversight exist to guarantee the safe and secure transportation of explosives via truck in Europe.

For the transport of explosives we use own trucks, equipped for the highest standards for European explosives transportation (ADR):

  • hard body trucks
  • side-opening doors 13 meters
  • container chassis
  • real time GPS monitoring
  • geofencing
  • alarm system
  • door opening alarm
  • emergency labeling on top of the truck

Our services include

Explosives Transport

All of the vehicles we use are certified for the transport of ADR Class 1 hazardous goods. This means that they are equipped and approved in accordance with the requirements of EX II or EX III authorisation, which is checked annually. Load securing in compliance with DIN 2700 ff. is a standard practice for our drivers and shippers. Our trucks can transport hazardous goods of subclass 1.1 up to a net explosive mass of 16 tonnes. Furthermore, the articulated trucks (box trailers with EX III approval) can be opened sideways so that long goods such as rockets or torpedoes of ADR class 1 can also be loaded professionally.

Our service in explosives includes e.g. obtaining all legal requirements for the transit of the goods through each country and all consulting services regarding this matter, customs clearance, tour planning, actual road transport, just to mention a few steps. In conclusion, we offer a full service – one-stop shopping experience for the transport of explosives in Europe.

Our vehicles are used for public clients as well as private companies involved in the production or trade of explosives. All drivers are highly qualified in terms of their general training as well as additional training for explosive substances with the ADR advanced course class 1 and radioactive substances with the advanced course class 7. In addition, all our drivers have an explosives licence in accordance with §20 of the Explosives Act. Further examinations regarding reliability in the context of preventive sabotage protection are carried out by the Ministry. All drivers also have a reliability licence for the transport of prohibited weapons in accordance with §40 of the Weapons Act. In addition, personnel with the same training as the drivers are available to escort non-German vehicles in accordance with the German legal requirements of the SprengG, WaffG, KrWaffKontrG.

Military Transports

The transportation of military goods involves shipping and moving military equipment, vehicles, ammunition, and supplies to strengthen the operational readiness of the armed forces. This encompasses a vast array of logistical activities, such as transporting heavy machinery and packaged military equipment and ammunition.
Our top priority is ensuring customer satisfaction. We operate our vehicle fleet across Europe, together with our dependable long-term partners worldwide, to ensure dependable door-to-door delivery of military goods.

Our worldwide clients can swiftly transport military goods to the desired location because of our extensive range of services. Furthermore, we offer storage for goods in Germany, in addition to transportation. Our extensive range of services offers customers a variety of options, such as storage, temporary storage, reloading, picking, and prompt delivery. Choose the option that best meets your needs. Our 30 years of experience make this all possible.

Special security is necessary for transporting military goods. We guarantee safe transportation through our armed or unarmed escorts.

Our consulting team manages military exemption, transit, import, and export permits to ensure seamless transportation of goods and merchandise.

Our drivers are expertly trained with ADR certification and additional training in class 1 and 7. They also hold certificates of competence as per § 20 SprengG. To uphold the high standards of our customer service, our drivers participate in yearly training and instruction courses for handling hazardous materials and ensuring safety protocols.

Radioactive Materials Transport

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Intermodal logistics

Depending on the special requirements for the cargoes as well as the loading- and unloading points -> rail based transportation of containers with dangerous goods of class 1 (explosives) or military cargoes could be a cost-effective, eco-friendly and time-saving solution.

As one of the few providers in Germany, hansa-express logistics GmbH has extensive experience in railway transport of fireworks containers to EU countries such as Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Slovenia etc. and can – as an independent operator in combined transport – also provide a tailor-made package for explosives, civil and military defense equipment, heavy or over-dimensional military cargo or restricted items.

According to the transshipment point, we transfer your import containers directly from the vessel to the rail without time consuming reloading operations.

hansa-express logistics GmbH will take care of export and import customs clearance as well as handling/applying for all permits and documentation, terminal services and ensure door-to-door transportation by truck with own fleet and domestic partners if there is no direct rail connection at place of loading or destination.

The advantages of this system compared to transports by feeder or truck are

  • Direct connection to sea transport in Germany
  • Fast and extremely reliable
  • Block train systems
  • Heavy weight containers up to 30to possible
  • Ideal for Ro/Ro freight (with own power „Roll on – Roll off“)
  • Customized transport concepts for e.g. military exercises (vehicles + containers on one train)
  • High number of containers/cargo at once
  • High unit weights, which can be further delivered in local traffic with six-axle container vehicles
  • Reduction of long-distance truck traffic through regional delivery to the customer by local transport drivers
  • High level of traffic safety due to the fact that it is rail-bound
  • Environmentally sustainable & resource saving Rail freight transport is still considered the most environmentally friendly transport mode of all. The environmental impact per ton kilometer is only a fraction compared to trucking. In addition, energy consumption is significantly lower.