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Founded in 1989 hansa-express logistics GmbH is specialized in worldwide shipping of dangerous cargo IMO class 1.1 to 1.6.

We offer all necessary services for door to door transportation of IMO class 1 cargo.

Own trucks, equipped for highest explosives transport requirements ( ADR EX II and EX III )
Several custom bonded warehouses for explosives with a capacity of 1600 metric tons net explosive 1.1 Ocean vessel with a capacity of 500 metric tons net explosive 1.1
Stuffing/stripping of IMO class 1 containers.

Special department for transit licenses, escorts and special national regulations in Europe


Land Transport

Transport of explosives ADR Class 1 and nuclear material ADR Class 7 with own truck fleet 

Sea Transport

Worldwide full service shipping of explosives with line shipping or charter ships. 


Warehousing of explosives including Class 1.1 and nuclear materials Class 7 in own customs bonded warehouses

Air Freight

We can ship any kind of cargo including IATA Class 1 and 7: From general cargo, as well as arms and ammunition, to military material and hazardous goods.


hansa - express logistics GmbH

Zum Bahnhof 16

D  - 28876 Oyten

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