Worldwide Explosives Logistics

Benefit from our profound know-how in the worldwide shipping hazardous goods of class 1 (explosives), class 7 (radioactive), civil and military defense equipment or restricted items also as part of our consulting services. The global multimodal logistics solutions of hansa express logistics GmbH combine the advantages of sea, air, rail, road and warehouse.

Our own trucks and customs bonded warehouses in Germany as well as our global network of charter or partcharter ships, regular or charter flights and domestic partners for door-to-door transportation worldwide enables the most efficient way from the point of collection to the point of dispatch to the customer.
International, country or port specific laws, regulations, restrictions, requirements, etc. must be strictly observed when transporting dangerous goods.

With over 30 years of experience, our accreditations and our highly qualified staff we will find the most suitable solution for your needs which complies with all applicable international, European and national regulations.

Numerous renowned clients appreciate our services especially for large projects, such as from vessel offload via a shipment with several guarded truck convoys or directly by rail to the destination.
For this purpose, we are at disposal during the entire transit time, from port handling, customs formalities, police permits, preparation of transport documents and route regulations, escorts, compliance with break times and overnight stays or catering for the truck drivers, until safe handover at the unloading point.
Another example are international fireworks competitions such as “L’International des Feux Loto-Québec” or “Macao International Fireworks Display Contest”.

We do the entire handling and customs formalities for you by collecting the fireworks and pyrotechnic equipment from the teams in the respective European countries, transporting it to the nearest port or to our certified warehouse, stow the collected goods in container and ensure (if necessary with local partners) a safe arrival at your event location.

Your benefits when choosing us as your consulting partner

  • One-stop solution – all services centralized in one company and also bookable separately
  • Procurement of international and European transit permits as well as German transit and shipment permits according to the Explosives Act SprengG, Radiation Protection Act StrlSchG, Weapons Act WaffG, War Weapons Act KrWaffKontrG etc.
  • Exemption permit for restricted weapons according to §40 WaffG (German Weapons Act) hansa-express logistics GmbH is, as one of the few service providers in Germany, in possession of the certificate of exemption issued by the BKA.
  • Transport document preparation that complies with all applicable international, European and national dangerous goods regulations such as IMDG/sea, IATA/air, ADR/road, RID/rail etc.
  • AEO certified – we can handle your customs formalities (import, export, transit etc.)
  • Acting as German port agent – as for example to the payment of Terminal Handling Charge (THC), ATB import customs reference, container release etc.
  • Bonded warehouses for IMO Class 1 and 7 in Germany with a capacity of up to 2400 to net explosive class 1.1 and space for about 12000 pallets
  • Security and armed guarding of vehicles
  • Own trucks for European transports up to 16 tons NEQ, equipped for the highest requirements in explosives transport (ADR EX II & EX III) and continuously certified drivers with ADR license (incl. tank, class 1 & 7).
  • Ocean freight, air freight
  • Railroad transports as independent operator
  • Container stuffing, material handling


For more than 30 years we have been shipping hazardous goods of class 1 (explosives), class 7 (radioactive), civil and military defense equipment, restricted items etc.
Therefore, you can profit from our profound experience when it comes to expertise in transport approval procedures, permits and licenses.

We support you in the preparation, provision and in applying for international, European and national

  • Transit permits for explosives such as BAM transfer licenses for the intra-Community transport of civil explosives in accordance with Section 7 of the German Explosives Act (SprengG)
  • Transit permits in accordance with the German Weapons Act (WaffG)
  • Transit permits for restricted weapons in accordance with Section 40 of the German Weapons Act (§40 WaffG)
  • Transit permits for military goods in accordance with the German War Weapons Act (KrWaffKontrG)
  • Route determination for hazardous goods according to ADR (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises dangereuses par route)

We are also happy to support you in case of a missing CE classification or the preparation of a legally secure Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD).

Customs Services – AEO

Due to our status as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), we can handle your customs formalities and transport and store your goods in bond.

Customs Brokerage

Customs clearance is a key time-sensitive component of any end-to-end supply chain solution. Our licensed customs brokers are familiar with the complexities of customs regulations, duties, fees and taxes and will ensure a smooth process.

Fiscal representation for EU customers

On behalf of our EU clients we take over their VAT obligations towards the German tax authorities.

Processing arrangements

  • Inward processing (import for processing and re-export) Customs arrangements whereby imported goods may be processed without giving rise to liability of customs duties, where such goods are intended for export outside of the Community.
  • Outward processing (export for processing and re-import) Export of goods with a view to their subsequent re-import after processing, working or repair.

Temporary custody

90 days storage of non-Union goods according to the guidelines of the customs authority in our bonded warehouse.

Bonded storage

Under the customs warehousing procedure, non-Union goods can be stored for an unlimited period of time without import duties being levied on these goods or trade policy measures being applied (example: import authorizations).

Import – Export – Transit Clearance

Preparation of all necessary documents such as export accompanying document (EAD) or for T1 procedure (transit) etc.