Taking over responsibility for our climate and environment

As a globally active company, we take our responsibility to act in a sustainable way very seriously.

Several years ago, we have started to implement different measures in order to increase our sustainability scores. Especially in the logistics sector, we are dependent on the use of fuel for our trucks and other modes of transport. In order to minimize the CO2 emissions, we have implemented the truck renewal policy. This means, every truck in our company is replaced after 3 years in order to be up to date with the newest standards and lowest emission trucks. Our trucks are equipped with emission control and have an optimized fuel consumption. Our trucks run with 10% biofuel. Moreover, our drivers are regularly trained for fuel aware driving.

CO2 neutrality & solar energy

When it comes to our premises, all of them are equipped with alternative heating systems. We use CO2 neutral Wood gasification boilers which are fueled with wood from our own forest. Warm water is also heated through CO2 neutral wood usage.

In many areas, we use solar energy for our electricity needs, which will be advanced even more in the future.

Our forklifts in the warehouses are mainly operated by biofuel or electricity. As our warehouses are large and have long roads in-between working spaces, we use conventional bikes, E-bikes and E-carts to move around the area.

Since 2015, we are striving to achieve a paperless office, which with the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Soloplan into our operation is close to being achieved.