Air Freight

hansa-express can transport any type of cargo: from general cargo, weapons and ammunition to military material and other dangerous goods, whereby our focus is on IATA Class 1 and 7 dangerous goods. There are two different ways of transporting IATA Class 1 dangerous goods by air. On the one hand, the international IATA rules specify which UN numbers may be flown and, on the other, which are strictly prohibited. These UN numbers predominantly cover goods in IATA Class 1.4 dangerous goods. Classes 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 represent a special part of dangerous goods in air freight, which are usually flown in air freight charters outside the IATA regulations. Here, it is necessary to secure overflight rights, to take into account national and international regulations during the overflight or afterwards in the country of destination and to observe the regulations for packaging and handover with great care. An air freight shipment is intensively checked long before it is carried out. hansa-express deals with both scheduled shipments in accordance with IATA and charter flights, from the smallest possible aircraft right up to the Airbus.

Our specialities

  • Transportation from door to door / Worldwide
  • Customs documentation service
  • Application of permits for weapon transports (including Military Licenses and restricted weapons)
  • Radioactive transports (IMO/IATA class 7), including pickup and if needed door to door
  • Explosive material (IMO/IATA class1) all permits available, including KWKG and “forbidden arms and ammunition”
  • Regular and Charter flights (Split- / Part- / Full charter)
  • Solutions for IMO/IATA “forbidden cargo” apart from class 1

Aircraft Chartering

If you are looking to transport special dangerous goods, such as IMO class 1, oversized or highly urgent, time-critical goods, which can not be handled with regular flights, we work together with you in order to find the best cargo charter solution.

For example, within the framework of our split- and part charter services or a full charter plane exclusively for your shipment from A to B, adapted in size and equipment to the requirements of your cargo. Destinations not served by scheduled flights can also be reached.

Cross Booking

hansa-express logistics GmbH can take care of the entire process

  • pre- and on-carriage, 
  • airport-to-airport transportation, 
  • export and import customs clearance, 
  • fiscal briefings and 
  • other customs-related procedures 
  • handling/applying for all permits and documentation.

Our global network of domestic partners ensures that your goods can be delivered door-to-door anywhere in the world.

PAX & Cargo

This shipping method is still the fastest, but unfortunately also very often the most expensive and highly regulated transport solution.

Strict regulations issued by the International Civil Aviation Association (ICAO) and published by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as the Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) must be observed in air cargo to protect passengers, scheduled services and airports.

It is essential, to comply with these regulations. This starts with the selection of the flight, goes on to with the packaging, marking, and continues to the preparation of documents as well as the handover in “secured” status. This work must be executed precisely, as any deviation / error will result in the rejection of the entire consignment.

The maximum quantities specified in the IATA DGR  indicate if the various dangerous goods may be carried on “Passenger Aircraft” (PAX) flights or only on “Cargo Aircraft Only” (CAO) flights. Some cargoes are completely restricted for air transport (Forbidden).
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In addition, certain hazardous goods may not be combined with other goods. The DGR also prescribes special packaging and labelling obligation. UN dangerous goods class, hazardous substance designation, packing group, packing instructions and net quantity must be visible clearly.

hansa-express logistics GmbH specializes in the import and export of dangerous goods in IATA Class 1 (explosives) & 7 (radioactive) and civil or military defense equipment by air freight. Our experts are very familiar with the applicable regulations and are informed about any changes in the law.

We do not only transport your cargo safely around the world, we also support you in complying with the numerous requirements that need to be observed, from packaging to dangerous goods declarations, etc.