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Land Transport

For the transport of explosives and nuclear material we use own trucks, equipped for the highest standards for European explosives transportation (ADR):

  • hard body trucks

  • side-opening doors 13 meters

  • real time GPS monitoring

  • geofencing

  • alarm system

  • door opening alarm

  • emergency labeling on top of the truck

We offer 4 categories of vehicles for the transportation of explosives:

truck fleet
hard body truck
truck and trailer
transporter van
tarpaulin-covered trailers

     Armed Guards    

Within the last years, several cases have led to increased safety requirements for the transportation of arms and ammunition.

The WaffVwV states in § 29 WaffG (Weapons Act): 

1. Requirements for safety level 1 (Arms/ ammunition Category A) 

2. A transportation by truck is only permitted with usage of a closed container or a closed box body. Additionally, the truck needs to be escorted by armed guards.

Category A incorporates: 
6.8.1 Forbidden firearms (Category A) War firearms with numbers 29 and 30 on the War Weapons List (Attachment of

             §1; 1 Law of the control of War firearms) Automatic, self-loading firearms Firearms that are suitable of simulating a different item or that are disguised as

             everyday objects Pistol- and revolver ammunition with expansive bullets, as well as bullets for

             this ammunition, with the exception of such for hunting and sporting arms of

             persons, who are legally allowed to use such arms.

Carriers of the above mentioned arms require a certificate of exemption issued by the Federal Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BKA). This is a prerequisite to receive transfer permission.

We are well prepared for these elevated requirements and are in possession of the certificate of exemption issued by the BKA. Furthermore, we have obtained the license according to §34 a security-guarding act for guarding operations. Specially trained employees possess a firearms license and are therefore able to entirely fulfill the requirements of the Weapons Act for escorting truck transports.


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