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  Storage and warehousing  

hansa-express logistics GmbH is licensed to store all kinds of explosives IMO/ADR 1.1 - 1.4 , classified cargoes, arms and ammunition and also radioactive cargoes in one of our own customs bonded warehouses in Northern Germany or Münsterland.

We can store following nuclides:

  • Cs - 137

  • Am - 241

  • Se - 75


Features of our warehouses:

  • Capacity of up to 2400 to net explosive class 1.1

  • Space for about 12000 pallets

  • Several warehouses for explosives in Europe

  • Fenced and armed guarded area

  • Bunkers comply with highest international standards for the storage of explosives



Stuffing of explosive cargo into containers requires well-founded knowledge of national and international regulations as well as technical knowledge of securing the cargo for ocean transportation according to IMDG Code.

hansa-express logistics GmbH offers all necessary services :

  • Stuffing of containers according to IMDG Code

  • Wooden coatings of containers, if necessary

  • Fumigation of containers against parasites

  • Securing of cargo with wooden construction

  • Photo-documentation of packing

  • Issuing of IMO dangerous goods declaration


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